Australian Law School Promotes Sharia Law For Polygamy and Child Brides

A diploma from Sydney University has become as worthless as a used diaper and in fact is made up of the same substance.  They have added two new courses in an attempt to get at least parts of Sharia Law incorporated into Australian law.

The first course suggests that polygamy should be allowed to accommodate Muslims and would allow them to keep as many sex slaves as they can afford.  The second course looks to do away with the legal age for marriage so that marrying a six year old is no longer stigmatized by Islamophobic bigots.

 Sydney University’s Muslim Minorities And The Law course uses a textbook which promotes the idea that “sharia and common law are not inherently incompatible”, the Daily Telegraph reports. It is taught by Professors Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem.

“They are both ‘law’ in the sense they represent and communicate a set of ‘norms’ that operate at both individual and a community level,” the book explains. A portion of the textbook identifies the benefits of ending monogamous relationships and notes how sharia law does not recognise the minimum age in marriage.

“There is no minimum age for a contract of marriage, but it should not be consummated if that would cause harm to the putative spouse,” the book reads. “Whilst some have argued that there may be reasons for changing marriage laws to include polygamous marriages… there have not been any proposals for any legislative amendment proposed by the Muslim communities in our Common Law jurisdictions.”

As to the need for Western society to accommodate traditional Islamic views on a host of issues, the textbook pleads for special treatment for Muslims before the courts.

“Where found guilty of transgressing Western values, for example in gender equality, or violating national security, courts have clearly communicated their denunciation of ‘traditional’ or conservative Muslim values when sentencing, dispensing exemplary sentences and announcing aggravating factors, even when the written law does not explicitly demand it.”

H/T Breitbart News

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