Atlanta Man Shot to Death After Joking About Voting For Trump

Mitchell Mormon Jr. was gunned down outside of a popular, Atlanta, Georgia, bar early Sunday morning shortly after entering into an argument over Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

Shaunita Walker, who had accompanied Mormon on a date Saturday night, was also injured in the shooting and explained to WSBTV how the murder happened.

According to Walker, Mormon and the shooter began arguing outside the bar, Church, after the shooter made an inappropriate comment about Walker.

Mormon reportedly joked to the man — whom Walker identified as Hispanic — that he had voted for Trump and that he would be deported within the next week.

Police tape (Shutterstock)
Police tape (Shutterstock)

Walker claimed that the shooter then walked around the corner and, upon his return, started firing.

“I heard the first shot and it went into my arm, and I just grabbed my arm and I just began to scream,” Walker stated. “And then I heard two more shots and I saw Mitchell on the ground, and I’m just screaming, ‘somebody please help us! Somebody please help him!’”

Walker is not sure that Mormon’s Trump comment specifically sparked the shooting and told authorities their attacker was clearly intent on “causing chaos” from the outset of the argument.

Police are still searching for the shooter and two other men — captured by security camera’s outside Church — who are believed to have knowledge of his identity.


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