Articles of Impeachment Have Been DRAFTED Against Joe Biden!

One good turn deserves another it seems that it is Joe Biden’s.

The Democrats were the masters of drafting flimsy impeachment charges against President Trump did their best to destroy him. However, each one was just another attack in an attempt to destroy the morale of Trump supporters and those who wanted to protect our nation.

There was never any valid reason to ever impeach Trump, but for Biden, I can think of about 100, how about you?

Now, it seems that Biden is facing his turn in the hot seat, and rightfully so.

What is occurring in Afghanistan at this very moment falls squarely on his shoulders and has made us the laughing stock of the world.

Biden literally gave the Taliban access to weapons and not just any weapons, but OUR weapons.

A terrorist organization that chants, “death to America” has weapons that can and will unleash terror on innocent people, and Biden needs to be held accountable.

Thank goodness for Marjorie Taylor Greene and her resolve to uphold the constitution and hold Joe Biden….A.K.A. the Pretender In Chief heels to the fire.

John Solomon with Just The News reports:

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) is moving to impeach President Biden. In light of the fall of the Afghan government, she believes Biden’s handling of the situation, which has left thousands of Americans and Afghan allies stranded in the Taliban-controlled region, is an impeachable offense.

“It’s a complete dereliction of duty,” Greene said on a recent edition of the “John Solomon Reports” podcast. “It’s inexcusable that Joe Biden left thousands of Americans and Afghan allies behind … . We don’t know if all of our people are alive.”

In terms of her impeachment effort, Greene says she has been “working the phones” with her caucus colleagues to see whether the cause can gain a sizable backing.

“The GOP conference needs courage,” she said.

Several members of the GOP House Conference have floated similar sentiments this week, as the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated and the U.S. government was left appearing as though it was unprepared for the potential of a Taliban takeover.

“If he had any honor at all … Joe Biden should resign,” said Greene, adding that she believes a strong U.S. leader would now be “doing targeted bombings,” and “making sure the Taliban understand to get out of the way and leave Americans alone and let our people leave.”

In terms of how she believes the U.S. response to the Afghan crisis is being perceived around the globe, she said, “We’ve lost the trust of our allies” and have “damaged relations in so many ways.”

Read her FULL statement here:


Sassy Liberty

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