ARROGANT TRUMP HATER Bill Kristol Has Just Been Hit With An Epic Dose Of KARMA!

It’s one thing to be a liberal publication and say things against conservative politicians in every column that your publication produces.

It’s almost expected at this point except in very rare cases, but when you see a supposedly conservative publication going after a conservative you have to wonder where their loyalties lie in the first place.

It’s hard to understand how there were any conservatives in the 2016 election that thought for one minute that Hillary Clinton would have been a better idea than Donald Trump.

Shoot, the cup of coffee I drank up when I woke up this morning was a better idea for President of the United States than Hillary Clinton.

That being said, no matter what industry you are in if you upset what is supposed to be your base enough you are going to get hit with epic doses of karma all around.

If people don’t like your message they are simply not going to read you. Now, what happens to a newspaper or a magazine when people stop reading? It simply stops…

From Conservative Tribune:

Staff members of The Weekly Standard, the conservative magazine that has been critical of President Donald Trump, expect to see a shut-down after rumors about the magazine’s fate began to circulate.

On Tuesday, CNN published an article expressing uncertainty about the magazine’s future.

MediaDC, the magazine’s publisher, seems to favor its other conservative news organization, The Washington Examiner, which tends to be more positive toward Trump.

“They’re expanding the pro-Trump magazine that does what the owners want, while threatening closing of an independent magazine that has its own history and identity,” an unnamed source told CNN.

The Weekly Standard was founded by Bill Kristol, an anti-Trump neoconservative who currently serves as the magazine’s editor-at-large.

Kristol has been a vocal opponent of Trump since the beginning of Trump’s presidential run. He was also one of the major influencers behind the failed #NeverTrump movement.

Here’s how the magazine depicted the then-Republican candidate’s campaign back in January of 2016. (Note Kristol’s commentary.)

Even when Trump does something conservatives would normally favor, like lowering taxes, Kristol manages to find a negative spin.

In a series of phone calls Tuesday, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stephen Hayes, told staff that the fate of the magazine is uncertain.


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