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Armed Homeowner Kills Teen Burglary Suspect

 Armed Homeowner Kills Teen Burglary Suspect

Smile and wait for flash!

The Charlotte Observer reported recently that a Mineral Springs homeowner fatally shot a teenager, who is believed to have broken into the man’s home early Monday, the Union County Sheriff’s Office says.

Investigators believe the shooting victim, age 17, and at least one other person had broken into the house on Happy Hollow Lane shortly before the shooting at 3:50 a.m.

Officials say he might have re-entered the house to retrieve items left behind, awakening the homeowner.

The homeowner, whom the sheriff’s office did not identify, began yelling at the suspects, who broke out a window and escaped the home.

Smile and wait for flash!
Smile and wait for flash!

Soon afterward the intruder and at least one other suspect returned, possibly to retrieve a book bag they had left behind.

The homeowner saw him on the back porch and fired shots, fatally wounding him, then called 911.

The deceased had been found guilty of having weapons on educational property this year in Union County.

Detectives are still doing interviews and have filed no charges, the sheriff’s office said.


A tough case, it appears the suspect was outside when the homeowner fired. Viewing the three homeowner/burglar contacts as one over all event, the shots were fired at the end of one long incident.

Taking them as three separate events, we may have an unreasonable shooting here.

The question is whether the subject posed a threat at the time the shots were fired. This is certainly a case wherein you want to speak with your defense attorney before making a detailed statement to any investigators.

When you hear an intruder- if possible call 911 first and leave the phone on so 911 can record the incident. Get the cops on the way and let them search for the intruders.

Not only do they wear body armor but they have free lawyers!

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