Are You Old Enough to Know What This Is?

There is such a large gap in knowledge between generations.  An object that we used daily during our youth is completely foreign to our children, but on the other hand, when we need our computers fixed we call on our grandchildren.

In my family, we has many of these devices along with empty half gallon milk cartons.  We would use these every Sunday in the summer on Sunday to make ice cream.  The objects in the picture though were used year round.  Know what it is?

 Before there were plastic trays, and freezers that automatically made it, ice cubes were created in metal trays that look like something out of a mechanic’s shop.

Many people today wouldn’t recognize this common household kitchen gadget.

Some may have seen it at antique sales, rummage shops or grandma’s house, but this gadget that was found in most kitchens has become harder to find, since it has been modernized.

General Utilities Mfg. where Tinkham was the vice-president, produced the invention named the McCord ice tray and it cost 50¢ in 1933.

Before they were sold on mass, the first ice cube trays were believed to have been invented to help sick patients. In 1844, American physician John Gorrie built a refrigerator to make ice to cool the air for his yellow fever patients.

Some believe that Dr. Gorrie may have invented the first ice cube tray since it was documented that his patients were receiving drinks with ice in them.

There were a few problems related to their use.  The cubes would be held together as water moved around the tray departments and many times what you would get would look more like crushed ice and less like cubes.  The cubes would often break apart while freeing them from the tray.  And if you handled a tray with wet hands, you would find yourself stuck to the tray.

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