Are a Large Number of Democrats Being Blackmailed by Pakistanis?

House IT aides are fearful that many democrats are being blackmailed by the Awan brothers and their henchmen and the actions of those democrats could be proof of that happening.  There is proof that Imran Awan had it set up so that emails sent or received by democrats would also be sent to a server he controlled off site.  Even after they were banned from the House computer systems, many democrats continued to contract with Awan and even outright defended him.

 Five Capitol Hill technology aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.

“I don’t know what they have, but they have something on someone. It’s been months at this point” with no arrests, said Pat Sowers, who has managed IT for several House offices for 12 years. “Something is rotten in Denmark.”

This is very ironic.  One of the great lies from the democrats is that Russia has information against Trump that can be used to blackmail him.  This without any evidence whatsoever.  And not withstanding the fact that Trump has not been a friend to Russia since taking office.  On the other hand, democrats have gone above and beyond to protect the Awans who stole money and emails from them.  What must be in those emails.

A manager at a tech-services company that works with Democratic House offices said he approached congressional offices, offering their services at one-fourth the price of Awan and his Pakistani brothers, but the members declined. At the time, he couldn’t understand why his offers were rejected but now he suspects the Awans exerted some type of leverage over members.

“There’s no question about it: If I was accused of a tenth of what these guys are accused of, they’d take me out in handcuffs that same day, and I’d never work again,” he said.

Awan had no show employees on the payroll that allowed himself and his family to get around the federal law prohibiting staffers from making more than members of Congress. And what about the fact that democrats paid Awan and his family four times more than the usual fees?

A House IT employee who requested anonymity said tech workers who have taken over some of those offices found that computers in some — but not all — offices were “thin clients” that sent all data to an offsite server in violation of House policies. Additionally, staffers’ iPhones were all linked to a single non-government iTunes account.

 For years, it was widely known that Awan, and eventually his 20-year-old brother Jamal, did the bulk of the work for various offices, while no-show employees were listed on members’ staffs in order to collect additional $165,000 salaries, workers said. This circumvented a rule that prevents any one staffer from making more than members of Congress.

Members were fiercely protective of the business, despite objectively shoddy work and requests for computer help routinely ignored for weeks, all said. An IT specialist who took over an Awan office said they did not keep an inventory of what hardware was there, and the office was paying for phone lines it hadn’t used in years.

“The number of offices they had would definitely be suspicious. The loyalty [members] had [coupled with] customer service that wasn’t there,” Sowers said.

One Democratic IT staffer said Awan “would come in and only help the member — he’d tell me this — because staff come and go. There was one staffer whose computer was broken and said, ‘I’m not going to pay my invoices until you fix my computer,’ and Imran went to the member, and they fired [the staffer who complained] that day. Imran has that power.”

After the Capitol Hill police seized equipment from Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened them and insisted they turn all of the equipment over to her.  I’d love to see Awan strike a deal with the DHS or the DOJ, which could lead to the expulsion of all 20 democrats associated with him.

H/T The Daily Caller



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