Arabic Video Celebrating 12 Year Old Girl in Bed Waiting for 80 Year Old Groom [VIDEO]

A video has surfaced depicting a purported wedding between a 12-year-old girl and an 80-year-old man. Although both the date and the location of origin are unknown, it is clear that the video originated in an Arabic-speaking country.

Regardless, where it’s from isn’t as important as what it depicts. The “bride,” clearly a terrified child, sits dressed in lace and satin as the “groom” is welcomed into the room by a gaggle of black-clad women, who likely were forced into the same cruel fate themselves as children, but who behave no different than an adult bride tossing the bouquet of flowers.  This is normal to them!

As the dried up old fossil climbed onto the bed with the girl, cameras snapped everywhere, as if a young married couple just drove away to their honeymoon with tin cans tied to the bumper of the car by string.

The poor child never looked up. She had likely been sold to the highest bidder, given away to settle a financial dispute or married off to seal a family alliance.  These are the traditions of the tribes.

In the Muslim world, a man entering her bedroom would occur only after the marriage ceremony, so apparently they’ve all gathered to celebrate the poor child being raped.

The next time a liberal tries to tell you that these people are no different from the West show them this video, so that they see what makes me want to throw up is considered normal in their part of the world.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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