Antifa Wench Thought She Was Cute: She Just Got Bad News

Lisa Joy Simon, 23, an Antifa protester fighting for Sharia Law, decided it would be fun to hit a police horse in the neck with a board with a nail in it.  Even when she was arrested she didn’t care because she was certain that at most she would get a slap on the wrist.  How wrong she was.

She has just been notified of the charges she is facing.  She is being charged with aggravated assault to police, taunting police animals, resisting arrest, and related offenses.  She’s looking at some serious prison time.  By time she gets out, she will quit Antifa and join the LGBTQ.

 Lisa Joy Simon, 23, was part of the counter-protest group, possibly the leftist “anti-fa” group, and photographs of her at the scene show an enraged woman ready to explode with anger.

But Simon didn’t have the courage to confront a police officer as the object of her rage.

She lashed out, instead, at Samson, striking him in the neck with a makeshift weapon that was described as a board with a nail protruding from it.

Simon was arrested at the time and held on $100,000 bail, and has now been formally charged with aggravated assault to police, taunting police animals, resisting arrest, and related offenses.

The aggravating factors of the assault charge – the use of a weapon and the status of the victim – in this case, Samson, a service horse, may constitute a felony and carry more severe penalties, including more than a year in prison and a large fine.

Hopefully, other members of the “anti-fa” movement will get the idea that attacking a service animal will not be tolerated.

H/T US Herald


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