Antifa Professor Arrested For Splitting Open head of Trump Supporter: It Just Got very Serious [VIDEO]

It took a while but the masked Antifa fascist has been identified and arrested on two very serious felonies.  His bail has been set at $200,000.  This piece of human excrement had a large bike lock on a chain, which he used to split a Trump supporter’s head wide open.  He was masked and that made it hard to identify him, but thanks to the viewers of 4Chan, he has been identified as Eric Clanton, a professor at  Diablo Valley College.  Guess what he teaches.  Ethics.  What a hoot.  He is being charged with “suspicion of use of a firearm during a felony with an enhancement clause and assault with a non-firearm deadly weapon.”  He is facing some heavy prison time.

It has not been determined whether Clanton is being charged in connection with the bicycle lock incident or some other illegal act.

With the aid of an advanced facial recognition process 4chan’s/pol was able to identify Clanton as a likely suspect in the assault that left at least one person badly beaten and injured.

The image of the pro-Trump supporter covered in blood went viral, prompting a wave of calls to find the culprit.

The attack occurred on April 15 on the campus at UC Berkeley where masked anti-fascist, or “antifa” (read Communist) partisans attacked pro-Trump supporters hoping to break up a “white supremacist” rally.

Looks like Clanton (allegedly) and his gang were up to some serious business smashing skulls.

Antifa fanatics wear masks for a very good reason: they know they are committing violent crimes, and they know they will be prosecuted if they’re caught.

It appears that some of them are actually employed as teachers.

H/T US Herald

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