Antifa Nazis Attack Conservative Journalist With Gross Liquid Bomb [VIDEO]

Conservative journalist Lauren Southern was attending an Anti-Sharia rally in New York on Saturday.  Antifa, in case you didn’t know is a band of Nazi Fascists who do not allow free speech and are looking to form their own Caliphate here in the US with Barack Obama at the head.  Antifas have learned going one on one with conservative men is a losing game for them so they now use a crowd of people and go after women.  They wear masks on their faces so their moms don’t find them out and kick them out of the  basement.

 Antifa showed up in droves to counter-protest the March Against Sharia in New York City where conservative journalist Lauren Southern, among others, were live-streaming.

At one point during Lauren Southern‘s livestream feed she gets surrounded by Antifa that begin harassing her before dumping an unidentified liquid on her – red fox urine.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

Steven Ahle

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