• June 24, 2024

Antifa Fascists Attack Police and Trump Supporters in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

 Antifa Fascists Attack Police and Trump Supporters in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

The fascists from the domestic terror group Antifa (Kids, this is what a misnomer looks like) were arrested for assault and a fourth was issued a citation after a group of Nazi Antifas attacked police and Trump supporters.  One policeman and one Trump supporter was injured.  When are Trump supporters going to wake up and give these snowflake sissies the beating of their lives?

 A pro-Trump rally took place in Philadelphia on Sunday, while an anti-Trump squared off with their opponents. Some of the members of the anti-Trump rally engaged in fisticuffs, and as a result,

Local law enforcement stated that “a group of pro-POTUS [President of the United States] persons” were attempting to enter a bar at 16th and Cuthbert streets in Philadelphia, and were confronted by “a group of anti-POTUS persons and an altercation ensued.”

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department claimed that a pro-Trump demonstrator as well as a police officer were assaulted in the fray.

Three anti-Trump protestors were charged with assault, and a fourth was issued a citation.

Law enforcement stated that the city allowed both rallies to occur, but that the pro-Trump group was “stalked” by a group of anti-Trump protesters who “repeatedly sought to confront the Trump supporters.”

Pro-Trump demonstration organizer Zachary Rehl told Philly.com that he and 10 pro-Trump demonstrators finished up their march and attempted to go to a local bar for drinks.

Rehl, a Marine Corps veteran and Temple University student, told the site, “The Antifa found us,” and noted that “six or seven” anti-Trump protesters began shouting at Rehl and his group.

“Three of them punched us,” he added.

See two videos, which were purportedly filmed at the scene of the incident, below.

H/T The Blaze


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