• May 18, 2024

ANTIFA Caught STABBING Patriot Protestors!

 ANTIFA Caught STABBING Patriot Protestors!

People in our country are fed up with the COVID mandates and restrictions being placed on us. It has been well over a year of these restrictions and they are continually pushing more onto everyone in an attempt to control the population.

On Saturday, patriot protesters took to the streets of Los Angeles exercising their first amendment right to speak out against the draconian lockdowns. However, what started as a peaceful protest turned violent after an ANTIFA member s showed up.

Shortly after ANTIFA’s arrival, a brawl took place that left one anti-mask protester in critical condition when one ANTIFA member stabbed them.

The brawl, as well as the brutal stabbing, was caught on video.


The-Sun has the latest on the situation in LA:

A MAN was stabbed and a radio reporter was beaten up when a massive brawl erupted outside Los Angeles City Hall between suspected Antifa and anti-vaxxers.

Anti-vaccine demonstrators draped in American flag clothing and various Trump memorabilia were protesting outside City Hall, calling for “medical freedom”.

But counter-protesters dressed in black could be seen spraying mace at the anti-vaxxers who were yelling death threats at them, the LA Times reported.

About half an hour into the stand-off yesterday, a fight broke out.

The LAPD confirmed one man had been stabbed during the brawl.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is in serious condition.

No arrests have been made but an investigation is ongoing, cops say.

It is obvious to anyone that ANTIFA is a group of thugs that should be classified as a domestic terrorist group but the Democrats rather pander to them so they can continue to do their dirty work.

What is even worse is that the police aren’t doing a thing to stop them which opens it up to the brave patriots that will have to stand up to them by taking matters into their own hands.



The Blaze reported:

L.A.-based videographer Sean Beckner-Carmitchel covered the protest and captured video of when several fights broke out while chants of “F*** Antifa!” were yelled. He noted that there were weapons and “lots of bear mace” used during the violent confrontation. Beckner-Carmitchel also said that several press members were injured.

The wild brouhaha left one demonstrator bleeding from the head. One man screamed, “Unmask them!”

One man was stabbed during the chaos. Police were on the crime scene tending to the man who was stabbed, and paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital for medical treatment.

Capt. A Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, Stacy Spell said, “We are on scene to maintain order after a fight broke out between Antifa and people gathered for the permitted event.”

The stabbing victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is in serious condition, LAPD Officer Mike Lopez said.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated on Twitter, which acknowledged a “male that was stabbed” and treated by the Los Angeles Fire Department. LAPD added that no arrests were made, but an “investigation is ongoing.”

These brutes need to be stopped before they hurt more people!

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