Another State Has Welcomed Cops Who Said NO To Vax Mandates!

It seems that every day more and more states are waking up and starting to push back against the tyrannical Biden administration. Americans are sick of the Federal government overreach and how these suits in Washington are dictating how the “average Joe” can live their lives. Never would any of us have thought years ago, that we would witness our nation embracing socialism, but here we are.

If there was one thing that we all learned from the COVID-19 fiasco is that Americans are willing to give over their freedoms in order to feel safe.

Of course, not every American is willing to roll over and beg the government to take care of them and some are defying the mandates being handed down from the Biden regime. Florida is one of the states to openly defy the mandates and has even gone as far as to welcome police officers who are fired for refusing to vaccinate to work in his state.

Now, Alaska is joining DeSantis and is offering the same to those who refuse to be forced with the experimental COVID vaccine.

Here is more from The Blaze:

Last week, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R) addressed the thousands of officers out of a job due to declining vaccine requirements and said that law enforcement members are welcome to come to Alaska and work.

“Across the country, members of law enforcement are being targeted & even fired for refusing to either get vaccinated or disclose if they have been,” he tweeted. “Alaska’s law enforcement community invites you to consider the 49th state where we back the blue.”

Dunleavy’s remarks were in response to a report from the Chicago Tribune that reported the vast number of Chicago police officers who refused to comply with vaccine mandates in the days following the city’s demands that all state employees receive vaccinations or disclose their status.

Last week, Chicago authorities announced that any officers who refuse to comply with Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s mandate may face disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The Anchorage Daily News reported that Dunleavy has no plans to impose vaccination mandates on state employees — and specifically law enforcement officials.

Jeff Turner, a spokesperson for the governor’s office, said that Dunleavy’s Twitter remarks were “a normal recruiting process,” not a new policy.

This is exactly what needs to happen and I hope to see more RED states take action and push back against these tyrannical BLUE states.

This is how we take our country back. It is not the federal level that we need to win, but the local and that is why 2022 is so important.



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