Another Dem Senator Praises the Chinese Government as the Deadly Coronavirus Spreads [VIDEO]

It’s outrageous that our media and politicians are praising China and bashing President Trump. They’re only helping the Chinese disinformation campaign on the virus and how it started. The Chinese government chose not to tell the world about the virus until it was too late. After the coronavirus outbreak became public, the Chinese began a disinformation campaign to escape blame. How is that worthy of any praise?

A Democratic Senator who has a strong Republican challenger in the next election was just on TV praising the Chinese government. Republican John James should take note of what “Pelosi Puppet”  Gary Peters said and use it against him.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters was on MSNBC with Mika praising the Chinese government for how their system is responding to the coronavirus. Does he have a clue about what the Chinese government is trying to do to the US?

“Outside of Hubei province, a lot of the factories continued to work. they separated employees. They had partitions and found ways to continue to keep some of the economy going in parts of the country that weren’t impacted as much as it was in Hubei.”

Health officials alerted the WHO about the coronavirus in late December last year, but no reports were made to other countries, according to National Review reports.

Taiwanese officials warned the WHO in December, but China waited until January 20th to report human to human transmission of coronavirus. Taiwan’s vice president and former health minister said that “an opportunity to raise the alert level both in China and the wider world was lost” when the Taiwanese warning wasn’t heeded by the WHO.



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