Angry Retired Teacher Pens Open Letter To Parents

There is much finger pointing between parents and teachers over who is to blame for the disaster we call out public schools.  I believe there is enough blame to go around, but rmember all teachers and all parents can’t be lumped into one group.  Parents say that the schools should do a better job of teaching their children.  They are right to a degree.  Some teachers preoccupy their time with politics, the gay and trans issue and Muslim outreach.  That is not the school’s job.

The school’s job is to teach children math, science, social studies and English.  None of that other nonsense has any place in the classroom.  But, these social justice warriors do not represent all teachers.  But by the same token, teachers are right when they complain that some parents are a major problem for the school system and it’s teachers.  If three kids are caught on video bashing out the school’s windows with baseball bats, at least one parent will be on television denying that their child would ever do such a thing, despite the video proof.

I hear some parents saying that teachers are responsible for not making their child to toe the line.  That is true but only to a small degree.  If the parents have never taught their children manners and personal responsibility, there is little that they can do.  When I was growing up, we weren’t worried about what a teacher or a principal did to us.  We were worried about what our parents would do to us when we got home.  As a result, teachers were able to maintain order in the classroom.

Here is a retired teacher’s open letter to parents:


While many people agreed with the sentiment, there were people on both sides of the argument, which made for a lively debate.

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