• May 25, 2024

Anchor Babies Are Now Suing The U.S. Government

 Anchor Babies Are Now Suing The U.S. Government

‘US Citizens’ who have illegal alien parents are suing the government because they didn’t get COVID checks.

The Hill reported:

The group filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday, arguing that their exclusion from the relief package is unconstitutional.

“The refusal to distribute this benefit to U.S. citizen children undermines the CARES Act’s goal of providing assistance to Americans in need, frustrates the Act’s efforts to jumpstart the economy, and punishes citizen children for their parents’ status – punishment that is particularly nonsensical given that undocumented immigrants, collectively, pay billions of dollars each year in taxes,” their lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit was filed in Maryland’s federal district court by the Georgetown University law school’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection on behalf of the group.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act pays out up to $1,200 to eligible adults and up to $500 for each of their children. But in order to receive the money, beneficiaries must have Social Security numbers, which undocumented immigrants lack, meaning their children can’t obtain the stimulus checks even if they are American citizens.

The lawsuit argues that undocumented immigrants have been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic’s toll on the economy. They largely work in low-wage jobs and are ineligible for unemployment insurance, making the $500 relief payments crucial for families headed by undocumented parents, the class-action complaint argues.


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