• July 15, 2024

An Islamic Center Is Facing MAJOR Backlash After What They Were Caught Doing With Children…

 An Islamic Center Is Facing MAJOR Backlash After What They Were Caught Doing With Children…

A shocking video published from an Islamic center in Pennsylvania shows children saying they’d sacrifice themselves and kill for the “army of Allah.”

The Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted a video on its Facebook page showing the children singing and reading poetry for its ‘Ummah Day’ celebration.

In a disturbing video, a group of young Muslims in Philadelphia sing a song in which they vow to “chop off heads to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque as they defend Palestine with their bodies.”


The disturbing video was initially translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute. A child who narrated the video says “Those who accept humiliation – what is the point in their existence? Those who reject oppression are the ones who assert their existence, and they eliminate the injustice from the land of the Arabs.” 

The organization stated that the person who was in charge of the event has already been dismissed.


A chorus of children then erupts into song singing, “Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Glorious steeds call us and lead us onto paths leading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The blood of martyrs protects us. Paradise needs real mean! The land of the Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey is calling us. Our Palentine must return to us. Oh Saladdin, your men are among us – shame will be washed away!”

Here’s what the statement from The Muslim American Society, said:

“While we celebrate the coming together of different cultures and languages, not all songs were properly vetted.” They also added that “This was an unintended mistake and an oversight in which the center and the students are remorseful. MAS will conduct an internal investigation to ensure this does not occur again.”


According to Opposing Views, “the organization is nationwide and has over 50 chapters in the country. They also stated that they own the property, which a school rents, where the event happened.”

Watch the disturbing video below:

Watch it here: TheDCshorts/Youtube

Sources: OpposingViews, Daily Mail

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