ALERT: Sen. Ron Johnson Exposes Democratic Plot To Steal Every Single Election!

It is a good thing that Joe Biden’s atrocious voting reform bill did not pass since it was a complete power grab. Of course, the Democrats cannot see this since they have chosen to believe the insane rhetoric of the leftist media.

Our nation allows people to voice their opinion and there is no one attempting to suppress those voices.

There is nothing wrong with showing identification or not allowing people who are not citizens of this country to vote.

Seriously, would you let someone in another neighborhood make rules for yours?

Not a chance, since they don’t live there.


It really is that simple.

This is why it needed to be killed and thankfully, there are those who see how important that it stays dead. One of those people is Sen. Ron Johnson and he did not mince his words when speaking on the insane power grab.

“We have a 50-50 Senate,” he said on his WABC 770 AM radio show on Sunday. “And yet, Democrats — except for two — were willing to destroy the institution of the Senate to pass [the bills].”

Explaining that there is absolutely no “mandate” by the American public for these bills, Senator Johnson then told his listeners what we already know about the far-left Democrats: that they want this bogus “voting reform” to make the United States, as he said, “a one-party state.”

“Show me a person in the recent past who has wanted to vote but couldn’t,” he said, saying that “nobody is suppressing the vote.”

The Freedom to Vote Act would’ve ended the need for voters to show a photo ID to vote, allow felons to vote in all states, and allow same-day voter registration. In turn, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act sought to undo court rulings that restrained the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by requiring certain states to be approved by the federal government before enacting their own voter laws and re-drawing voter districts.

Abuse and exploitation — that’s what these bills were for. Using the poor excuse that Republicans are trying to make it harder for people to vote in Republican-led districts, they would’ve given the Democratic Party all the tools they need to fudge every local, state, and federal election forever. It’s so easy to see, that even Mitch McConnell said that the bogus call for voter reform has “never been about securing citizens’ rights”. It’s about power. Nothing more, nothing less.

What do losers do when they lose? They try to change the rules of the game. Following the Democrats’ embarrassing defeat, they then tried to change the filibuster rule to get around the Senate’s 60-vote requirement. This would’ve allowed them to pass both America-killing bills by simple legislation. That also failed, thanks to the common sense of Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.


Biden, of course, had a few words to say:

Kamala Harris, as always, had her say as well:

This was a serious attempt to undermine our country and thankfully, it was stopped dead in its tracks. These far-left Democrats will keep trying, though, as evil never truly rests.


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