• June 17, 2024

ALERT: Look Who Just Declared WAR ON AMERICA and Has The Taxpayer Money To Pull It Off

 ALERT: Look Who Just Declared WAR ON AMERICA and Has The Taxpayer Money To Pull It Off

The supposed anti-fascist group ANTIFA has escalated their violence by establishing a paramilitary group, armed with various weapons, which have declared they will, “decisively eradicate the abhorrence of 21st-century slavery.” The group known as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM), posted pictures and video online of their members wearing ISIS style type uniforms while displaying various high powered rifles.

According to RAM, 21st-century slavery is the American prison system, and RAM intends to use the funds they are raising to create an underground railroad for criminals to hide from the justice system. RAM further states in their propaganda that, “The Civil War was never resolved and the system of slavery transitioned into the prison industrial complex.” RAM is taking the same violent approach that Mumia Abu Jamal took when forming the Black Panthers. Mumia Abu Jamal, who is a praised figure in RAM, killed police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. RAM has also embraced other cop killers like Russell Maroon Shoatz, who founded the violent group The Black Unity Council. Shoatz was convicted of killing a police officer in Pennsylvania and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

RAM has openly declared their hostility toward the United States Government and refers to police officers as “Our Enemies in Blue.” This terrorist arm of ANTIFA has also called for members to steal property and land so they can establish their own state, independent of the United States of America. RAM’s actions are nothing short of terrorism, and the United States Government ought to declare RAM and ANTIFA a terrorist organization before it is too late. “The group models its movement on the far left Rojava Revolution in Syria, and praises communism as providing a “foundation in communal and Council based political organization and militant defense.” A website video rife with anarchy and violence heavily hints at an armed revolution to destroy the government.”

RAM is receiving funding from various private sources and has taken to the internet to solicit further donations, but it is likely that ANTIFA and RAM, both obtained funding from the Obama Administration by way of an elaborate scheme Obama used to further the violent actions of various leftist groups. Fox News reported on Wednesday that Congressional investigators uncovered a scheme where significant amounts of taxpayer money went to left wing groups including, The National Urban League, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, as well as the racist La Raza organization. As reported by Fox News, “Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of non-profit organizations involved with grassroots activism.”

President Obama spent years establishing an infrastructure whereby he would use these violent leftist organizations to further his agenda, and even with President Obama out of office, this has not stopped him from spearheading the anti-Trump movement from behind closed doors. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch who was interviewed by Fox News said, “The protests are as organic as a plastic cup. There is a massive left-wing infrastructure in place trying to protect the monstrous government created by the Obama administration.” In other words, the political elite is so upset with the American people for voting for Donald Trump, that they are using a terrorist organization to remove a democratically elected President.

The slush fund scheme created by President Obama is such that it is extremely difficult, and in some cases impossible to find what leftist organizations are receiving funding, disturbing facts when you consider RAM and ANTIFA now have access to high-powered rifles and other weapons, which their acquisition may have been funded by taxpayer money.

Despite a petition being circulated on the Internet asking President Trump to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization, the Trump Administration has not commented on ANTIFA’s status or what the government’s position is on the newly founded RAM. The violent action that ANTIFA and RAM subscribe is nothing more than domestic terrorism, and if the Trump Administration does not deal with this soon, Americans’ are going to solve the problem on their own, and there will be a war in the streets. The violence perpetrated by ANTIFA continues to increase, police officers are in increasing danger, and the federal government seems to not be addressing this matter quick enough. President Trump and his administration would be wise to deal with this now rather than later.

H/T [Teaparty.orgThe Daily Wire]


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