ALERT: If You Have One Of These Cookers Throw It Away, It May Explode Unexpectedly!

When you go to a chain retail store, if you go by the customer service counter more often than not you will see a board with a list of recall notices on the wall.

The reason is that the way that a lot of recalls get announced is a little bit haphazard so they try to let everyone know as best they can that products are not safe any longer.

That has happened a time or two with strollers and cribs that I can think of where you will get a little card in the mail. Another thing that it seemingly happens to a lot are cooking devices.

That’s another no brainer why you should always watch out for those is because after all, it’s only a machine that might explode and catch on fire..

When you buy a product, you’re casting your vote for a manufacturer. In essence, you are telling that person, with your hard-earned dollar, that you trust them to deliver on their promise and give you something of quality. But sometimes manufacturers push out inadequate products and hope that people will turn a blind eye and buy them anyways.

While this type of behavior often has consequences, in the short term they can get away with it. But when people realize that they’re purchasing dangerous products like the massive airbag recall of recent months or how Claire’s was selling children’s makeup loaded with asbestos, brands can face total ruin.

If you’re the cook of the family, you know how valuable a multi-cooker can be. And if you’re loyal to the Instant Pot brand, you better think twice. They’ve recalled their products because they were a deadly fire hazard. The products could not stand up to the heat and would melt under pressure and result in potential fires.

So what do we know about this kitchen cooker recall? Instant Pot tried to preempt the chaos when they announced, a while back, on social media about how some customers were having “problems.” But they never explained how severe these really were. But to protect themselves from lawsuits, they advised customers to quit using their products until they could investigate what was making them melt.

Their investigation yielded some horrifying results. Electronics on the bottom of the cooker, the Gem 65 model to be exact, were faulty. And when they got warm, these electronics caused the multicooker to melt. And when it melts, the whole thing becomes a ticking time bomb and fire hazard.

Don’t throw away just any Instant Pot product. This recall only affects one model – so far. The one that you must beware of is the Instant Pot Gem 65 8-in-1 multicooker. This product is the one that can burn your house down. The rest have not proven to be dangerous when used as instructed.

But the recall did cause some confusion. The faulty ones were only sold at Walmart between August 2017 and January 2018. So these are newer products. If you got something like this Instant Pot for Christmas or gave it to someone, make sure you share this recall warning.

What exactly should you look for? If you have a Gem 65 model with one of the following batch numbers, it is subject to the recall. Unplug it and do not use it.

  • 1728
  • 1730
  • 1731
  • 1734
  • 1746

This “batch number” is vital to keeping your family safe from fire damage.


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