• July 16, 2024

ALERT: Catholic Man Stabbed By Immigrant In Rome For Wearing Crucifix!

 ALERT: Catholic Man Stabbed By Immigrant In Rome For Wearing Crucifix!

The thing that a lot of people don’t realize that Christians have been under attach for a good long time and continue to stay under attack.

If you don’t think so just look at the rampant attacks on churches over the past couple of weeks. It seems that anyone that is a Christian is a target in some respect.

Even in places where you would think that it wouldn’t necessary happen. Rome is basically the world capital for the Christian faith and somehow there are still attacks on Christians there…

A North African migrant has been arrested after stabbing a Catholic man in Rome for wearing a crucifix in public.

The incident took place near Rome’s Termini train station, with local news reports claiming that a heated argument on religion escalated into violence, with the immigrant allegedly stabbing the Catholic man and attempting to slit his throat after noticing his crucifix.

Breitbart.com reports: The Moroccan attempted to flee the scene following the stabbing but only managed to make it a few steps before he was detained and arrested. He has since been charged with attempted murder due to religiously motivated hatred.

“Everything took place in a few moments,” one witness explained and added, “the Georgian got off the bus and was heading towards the metro station in Piazza dei Cinquecento on the Via Giolitti side when the Moroccan joined him and attacked him.”

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the conservative-populist Brothers of Italy (FdI) commented on the case on social media saying, “If Muslims think of bringing the holy war into our house, it is time to take drastic measures: it remains only to block any kind of Islamic immigration until these ideas are clarified.”

“We intend to defend our classical and Christian roots from the process of Islamization of Europe,” she added.

The attack is just the latest anti-Christian attack to occur across Europe in recent months with neighbouring France seeing an average of three churches attacked per day.

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