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After She Uploaded These Photos Of Her Daughter, She Was Arrested For Murder…

 After She Uploaded These Photos Of Her Daughter, She Was Arrested For Murder…

Would you like a morbid and horrible story to start the day? 

Well, a mom in North Carolina had the below photo created in January, featuring her at her 2-year-old daughter’s grave with a ghostly image of her child behind her. Two months later, the mom was charged with killing the girl.

Jeanie Ditty, an active duty soldier at Fort Bragg, and her boyfriend, Zachary Earl Keefer, were charged with first-degree murder in the death of Macy Grace Ditty.

At first, Jeanie informed the cops that her daughter Macy choked on her vomit after she consumed a rotten banana that made her extremely sick.

And to celebrate her daughter, only a month later, Jeanie chose to put together a photo shoot. She spent the entire day at the cemetery where her daughter has been buried, taking very heart-touching photos at her gravesite with her boyfriend.

Later on, a photographer in Pennsylvania later edited the images via to place her deceased daughter into the photos, free of charge. The stunning images made it look as though Macy was an angel standing right by Jeanie’s side.

The ghostly presence of Macy made the story of this young mother’s suffering even harder for people. In fact, she received donations as well as other forms of support.

However, the suspicious nature of Macy Ditty’s injuries revealed a dark secret Jeanie and his boyfriend have been hiding.

Jeanie was accused of killing her daughter, 2-year-old Macy Ditty. The mother called 911 to report the toddler was vomiting, struggling to breathe, and slipping in and out of consciousness.

The child was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where doctors reportedly determined that Macy Ditty had severe brain damage in addition to bruising all over her body. They also concluded that her fatal brain injury was caused by being hit in the head.

Two days after her mother’s 911 call, Macy Ditty was taken off life support. As the Fayetteville Observer reported, she remained on life support for two days after the decision was made, so that her father, a soldier, could return from overseas to see her before she died.

The suspicious nature of Macy Ditty’s injuries resulted in Jeanie Ditty and her fiancé, Zachary Earl Keefer, being criminally charged in March 2016. Prosecutors alleged that the mother beat her toddler daughter, resulting in the injuries that led to her death.

From AWM:

Court documents show that the little girl’s tiny body was covered in bruises. She also suffered multiple head injuries from different impacts. Her liver had also been lacerated.

“This is a horrible case all the way around,” Ditty’s attorney, Bernard Condlin, said. The evidence that the girl’s death was the result of severe child abuse was obvious. Ditty and her boyfriend, Army Special Forces soldier, Zachary Keefer, were charged and arrested.

“Ms. Ditty left during that time frame to go to a doctor’s appointment,” Condlin said. “When she left, the baby was fine. When she came home, the baby wasn’t.”

Nevertheless, authorities released Keefer from custody. Now, Ditty is the only one facing the consequences of her daughter’s death.

Prosecutor Julia Wolf Hejazi dropped Keefer’s charges because: “New medical information provides a clearer timeline of events and contradicts previous medical information…in the interest of justice, the state is dismissing these charges.”

Attorney Bernard Condlin stands next to Jeanie Ditty of Spring Lake, N.C.

“She’s very upset the case didn’t go to trial as scheduled,” Condlin said about his client.

This is just heartbreaking, how can a mom do these horrible things to her own child…Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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