Actor James Woods Defines Democratic Senator John McCain to a Tee

Actor James Woods is an unashamed conservative and he doesn’t care who knows it even though it has affected his career negatively.  He is considered a hero on the right and a man who constantly is guilty of definition of character to those on the left.  In his most recent crusade he goes after lifelong liberal John McCain.  This past week, McCain killed the skinny repeal of Obamacare just because he wanted to stick it to President Trump but 320 million Americans were stuck right along with him.

Republicans all across the country were more than a little annoyed by traitor McCain’s massive betrayal of the GOP, and some a little more than others.

 Long time loyal Republican James Woods gave McCain a major thrashing on Twitter that has been spreading across the internet and social media like wildfire.

Woods smacked the traitor with a picture of McCain and George Soros standing next to each other and the caption “which one is the top and which one is the bottom.”

Next, he tweeted a picture of Chuck Schumer and McCain getting very cozy together with the caption “and don’t forget your kneepads.”

You just got to love James Woods, a true American hero as opposed to John McCain , a real American zero.

H/T US Herald

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