• May 24, 2024

Accused Cop Killer FREAKS OUT In Court: “Y’all Makin’ Up SH*T! F*CK YOU!”

 Accused Cop Killer FREAKS OUT In Court: “Y’all Makin’ Up SH*T! F*CK YOU!”

Markeith Lloyd appeared in Orlando, Florida court on Thursday in relation to the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and their unborn child.

Lloyd — who in addition to being charged in Dixon’s December 13, 2016 murder is also suspected of murdering a female, Orlando police officer — first declared his decision to defend himself in court before accusing his arresting officers of police brutality and cursing at the judge.

“I’ve got questions to ask,” Lloyd shot at the judge. “Y’all making up shit like I just went in there and shot this girl, endangering my family.”

“There was all other kind of shit happening, but you just went and told the news I shot this girl.”

The judge then asked the bailiff if Lloyd had been placed under oath, to which he responded for himself, “yeah I’m under the fucking oath.”

“I’m not finished talking,” he continued. “Y’all been making up shit this whole time.”

“They done took my eye,” Lloyd said of his arresting officers. “They broke my nose, broke my jaw. They did all this shit and said I resisted, but I called out to the motherfucking road to hide out. I didn’t resist shit. They just did that shit they’re trying to hide it from the news people, but I’m here right now.”

While being escorted from the room, Lloyd shouted, “whatever man. Fuck you,” at the judge.



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