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A Teacher Was Caught Having Sex With A Student On School Grounds, Her Sentence Was Beyond…

 A Teacher Was Caught Having Sex With A Student On School Grounds, Her Sentence Was Beyond…

A former substitute teacher was accused of having sexual contact with one of her students.

 Loryn Barclay, 24, was accused of having sex with the teenage boy while she was teaching in the Monett School District in Missouri. Not only that she confirmed giving him oral sex in a park, but she also mentioned that they had sexual intercourse in the house of the student’s parents.

The 24-year-old former substitute teacher allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Although Barclay deleted most of her social media accounts – namely on Facebook and Instagram – she did not delete accounts she had on Pinterest and Twitter. Her Twitter page contains numerous photos of Barclay out with friends, with horses (which she was heavily involved in riding), and on trips to London.

Monett superintendent Brad Hanson told “The Monett Times”:

“When we became aware of potential involvement with a student, we followed all procedures by informing the Children’s Division. We had a conversation with her, and she was not employed from then on. We learned about it the day of her exit as an employee(, and) we dealt with it swiftly.”

Barclay is part of the long list of teachers who have been accused of having sex with teenage boys across the country. Female teachers in many different states tend to share in common a prolific social media presence.

“The district followed all compliance issues and followed through with everything we needed to do, and now, we’ll let the legal side do it’s work,” Hanson told the paper.

She faces charges in both counties.

Jay Jastal, who serves as the school resource officer, was tipped off about the relationship in April. Barclay met a $25,000 bond and was released Sunday night.

Charges in Barry county, where the student’s home is located, were filed on Monday. A warrant was issued for Barclay with a cash-only bond of $10,000.

More details of this report from AWM:

Although law enforcement authorities charged Barclay with a felony, she entered a plea that saw the prosecutors strike down her charges to justify the reduced charge of harassment of a person under age seventeen.

Instead of locking her away for her crime against the underage boy, Barclay was sentenced to five years of supervised probation. During her time on probation, the former substitute teacher is expected to comply with sex offender registration and avoid all contact with the victim and his family.

Barclay was twenty-four years old at the time of the sexual contact with the underage student. She confessed that she had sex with the teen twice at his home in addition to oral sex at a park from November to December 2016.

Source: AWM, The Monett Times

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