A Teacher Is In HUGE Trouble After What The Told A Latino Student In Front Of….

A substitute teacher at a Texas high school that is 90 percent Latino was caught on video yelling at a male Hispanic student in her class to “Speak English, we’re in America.”

It is unclear exactly when the incident took place but it all started when student Carlos Cobian, a junior at Socorro High school, whipped out his cell phone in the middle of a class to watch a soccer game between Argentina and Uruguay after observing his peers using phones inside the room.

Cobian said the teacher then asked him to hand over the device to which Cobain responded, “¿Por qué?” which means “Why?” in English.

That’s when the teacher allegedly made a comment that caught the student off guard. He said he was shocked and a little mad, and thought she was racist because he lives on the border. He stated, “For her to come to teach at Socorro, being a sub, like 90% of the students here are Mexicans and Latinos.”

The Hispanic student says he still doesn’t understand why the teacher decided to single him out when other students were using their phones as well. The Socorro Independent School District stated students can use their cell phones for instructional purposes while on campus but must have the teacher’s permission.

The district is also looking into the incident after it went viral on social media. They did note the appropriate actions for their employee code of conduct policies will be taken against the Texas teacher.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC, which identifies itself as the largest and oldest Latino organization in the United States, called for the substitute teacher to be “permanently disqualified from instructing students following racist remarks.”

“Teachers and all school staff are meant to be leaders and mentors to our children — not racists who harbor anti-immigrant sentiments,” Domingo Garcia, LULAC national president, said in a statement.

“From 1918 until the Texas Bilingual Act in 1969, Texas laws banned Spanish in public schools and many of us remember personally that this was enforced with humiliating corporal punishment in schools.”

Whether this school is on the border or not, I don’t have to remind you why this is so wrong. Some students struggle so much trying to learn a new language that sometimes all they can do is use their native language because they’re afraid people are going to make fun of them.

This teacher telling the student to speak English was just wrong. Sure the school is in Texas, but do you know how many Hispanic people are in Texas? It makes my blood boil seeing teachers use their power like this. Over it.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Sources: AWM, KVIA-TV


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