• July 22, 2024

A Pregnant Mom Flying Alone Had A Miracle Happen When Her Young Son Spotted A Total Stranger

 A Pregnant Mom Flying Alone Had A Miracle Happen When Her Young Son Spotted A Total Stranger

People traveling with kids will always have a little bit harder of a time than those traveling without because kids sometimes don’t have the situational awareness that things might get uncomfortable and how to exactly deal with it.

Case in point, when my mother was pregnant with my sister I was maybe two years my father was stationed overseas and my mom and I flew back to the States for the last couple months she was pregnant.

I was apparently having a bit of a time on the flight and my mother was scared of flying for some reason that day.

Luckily for her there was a group of missionaries that were coming back from somewhere in South America that were on the flight to America that made it their mission to take care of me the entire time so my mother could relax a little bit.

It was the most grateful my mother ever sounded when she would tell the story.

Via Liftable:

A pregnant mother from Mississippi is searching for a couple from Buffalo, New York, who calmed her cranky toddler during a recent flight.

Jessica Knapp, from Long Beach, Mississippi, said she was dreading boarding the plane with her 1-year-old son.

But the couple who sat down next to Knapp ended up relieving all of her anxieties and burdens with their joyful, kind demeanor.

Now, Knapp is trying to find the couple so she can give them a heartfelt word of thanks.

“These past 3 weeks were the most stressful time,” Knapp wrote on Facebook.

“I was NOT looking forward to flying with a one year old again, while five months pregnant, completely alone.”

While many passengers would find sitting next to a 1-year-old to be inconvenient and annoying, Kevin and Lisa didn’t mind at all.

The couple welcomed Knapp’s son into their arms and delighted in showing him the exciting lights and happenings outside the plane before takeoff.

Knapp, weary and eager for a break, watched with amazement as her son made some unexpected friends.

Like many toddlers, Knapp’s son doesn’t normally like strangers. But the tot found himself so comfortable around Lisa and Kevin that he actually fell asleep before the plane even left the runway.

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