A New Poll Reveals Kamala’s Approval Rating May Be The Lowest Yet!

There is a new poll out, and it doesn’t spell good news for Kamala Harris. It literally shows her as having the lowest approval rating ever!

At the date of this writing, we’re about 11 months into this political debacle better known as the Biden Administration, and it is worse than many of us originally thought it could be.

Of course, many people have a feeling that Biden and Harris THEMSELVES probably think that situation is a lot worse than they thought it was going to be as well, but I digress.

That is because this disgraced duo has been continually plagued with bad poll numbers due to a lot of missteps, lying, misinformation, and simply just rotten policies.

One recent poll had Kamala at an approval rating of 28% and Biden at 38%.

Yes, that might be bad, but we found a new poll that has it at waaaaay worse.

There is a new poll that is asking the respondents who they support for 2024 – and needless to say the news is not good for either Kamala Harris or Joe Biden, but it’s REALLY bad for Kamala for sure.

This poll asked individuals who they wanted to see as the 2024 Democratic nominee for president, and only 12% of the poll takers wanted to see Kamala be the nominee. Yes, you read that right: 12%. Biden is faring a bit better at 22%.

Pretty horrifying, to say the least.

Even the reliably-liberal Boston Herald noted that these numbers are cringeworthy.

The only good news for Biden, the survey adds, is that there has been “no favorite that has emerged among the large field of potential challengers to run against Biden in these 2024 primaries.”

However, these sinking survey results are not something that is out of the norm. A Wall Street Journal poll came out last Tuesday and it pegged Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 41%. He did fare a tiny bit better with Rasmussen, checking in at 42%.

It is due to a number of different factors that Joe Biden is hurting in the polls, and part of the reason for that would be because of the nagging pandemic issues, the questions regarding Biden’s foreign policy chops after his botched pullout from Kabul, and the fact that some of his legislation continues to linger a slow death in the U.S. Congress and Senate, according to noted political science professor Erin O’Brien at UMass Boston.

Another observation that many people are making would have to be the fact that Biden’s flatlining poll numbers mean that he probably won’t be able to help his fellow Democrats in their races in 2022 either.

This disturbing news for Democrats comes on the heels of their slim majority in the House, where there is currently a 221-213 split. In the Senate, there is a 50-50 split, and Harris is known as the tiebreaker.

This puts the Biden/Harris team in Lame Duck status, and we haven’t even hit the one-year mark in his administration yet!

It was probably Human Events editor Jack Probosiec who put it best when he said: “Joe Biden got the most votes of any president in US history but then one day magically became one of the least popular presidents in US history overnight, and no we are not allowed to question it.”

There is no question that this has to be the biggest, fastest decline for one administration in the history of this country. Even Warren G. Harding had a better go of it than Biden. And Jack is absolutely right when he says that we are not allowed to talk about it.


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