A New Detail Has Emerged That Will Get The Subway Chokehold Case Thrown Out….

This accusation, more than any other, demands dismissal.

A defense motion brief obtained by Fox News on Tuesday shed fresh insight on the case of Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penny, who is facing manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges in fresh York City.

And the details should cause the case to be dismissed.

Penny is charged in the killing of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old man with a history of mental illness and violent criminality, on May 1.

The event occurred aboard a subway vehicle in Manhattan, a confined space where passengers were at the mercy of a guy openly threatening women and children.

And, as evidenced by grand jury testimony recounted in the brief – testimony that creates a picture of the environment on the F train that day – those passengers were afraid.

According to the brief, one mother recalled trembling behind her son’s baby stroller as Neely made “half-lunge” moves toward riders.

When a high school student overheard Neely say, “Someone is going to die today,” she began to pray for the subway doors to open so she could escape.

Another commuter, a retired woman who had used the subway for decades, recounted how terrifying it was:

“I have been riding the subway for many years,” she said, according to the brief. “I have encountered many things, but nothing that put fear into me like that.”

And Penny took action.

“I remember, like, looking to my right, seeing the mom cover her kid, and then looking left, and in like the snap of a finger I saw Mr. Penny come up behind, put his hand on Mr. Neely, and then they were both down on the ground,” a grand jury witness testified, according to the brief.

Even in the formal legal documents, the relief in those lines is almost palpable — a deliverance from evil emerging on the scene as Penny grabbed Neely in a chokehold and, with the help of two other men, stopped the threat to the remaining passengers.

Penny would be cheered in a normal setting and at a normal moment. Nobody has accused him of murdering Neely on purpose. He wasn’t even detained right away after being questioned by cops.

But this was in Manhattan, where leftist District Attorney Alvin Bragg rules supreme – a prosecutor who has time to go after former President Donald Trump on absurd financial matters (and garner liberal media accolades) but no time to deal with the actual crime on his streets.

And in a situation where he has the opportunity to introduce race into the court system — Penny is white, Neely is black — Bragg does not hold back. When given the opportunity to use the justice system against a white man — a Marine Corps veteran with an honorable discharge who felt a commitment to protect the powerless — he performed admirably.

Penny’s defense attorneys submitted a brief seeking dismissal of the case on the basis that medical examiner Cynthia Harris’ evidence may have misled grand jurors as to the cause of Neely’s death.


There’s little doubt that Penny’s chokehold killed Neely, but the fact that he died an hour after the ride stopped, according to the brief, suggests that Penny never intended to take the man’s life.

More to the point, grand jury testimony revealed that individuals who were present, trapped in a rocking subway car with a raving madman in their midst, were grateful Penny was on the scene.

It’s practically a legal axiom that even a half-witted prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich,” but as the legal brief notes, the New York Supreme Court has declared that “the prosecutor is charged with duty not only to secure indictments, but also to see that justice is done.”

Common sense in the United States concurs. Nobody is claiming that Jordan Neely deserved to die. Daniel Penny has never said that, and there is no evidence that he intended to.

But when a plainly demented individual threatens the innocent and has no fear of prison or the law, something must be done, and someone must act.

Penny did that, and his fellow riders were appreciative, as should the rest of the country.

Neely’s death is on his own shoulders, and any “justice” he seeks is now well beyond human reach.

But if there was ever an indictment against a criminal defendant that needed to be dismissed, this is it.


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