A Muslim Led A Prayer Wishing Death On America, Then A Veteran Stepped In…

Muslims may earn positive, but more on negative reputation here in the United States after a series of terrorist attacks led by Muslim terrorists.

They have been labeled as Terrorists like Members of Al Qaeda, or the Taliban which seemingly the group came from middle eastern countries such as Afghanistan.

And just when things were seemingly peaceful in April of 2017, a group of Muslims has been invited to lead a prayer before the starting of the session of the Delaware state Senate.

Dave Lawson, a military veteran, and a Delaware state senator considered being a patriot for leading the protest against the Quran reading opening prayer.

He publicly stated that is was not okay with the prayer decision and made a public statement that reads:

“We just heard from the Quran, which calls for our very demise and I fought for this country, not to be damned by someone that comes in here and prays to their God for our demise and I think that’s despicable.”

Watch it here: Youtube/Tarbia TV

This public statement has been lashed out by Democrats in David McBride’s voice by ripping the veteran.

McBride said in a statement:

“I have never been of the mind to censure the words of other members, but I also believe deeply that words have consequences and to criticize the sacred prayer of another religion from the floor of the Senate strikes me as antithetical to everything we ought to stand for as lawmakers.”

“I am personally offended that our guests from the Muslim community and anyone else here in the chamber today would feel anything less than welcomed with opened arms and for our guests, today to be branded as anti-American when our First Amendment of our country’s Constitution explicitly guarantees the freedom of religion is both ironic and deeply sad to me.”

Despite what happened, David is still hopeful that we all can move past this sad chapter in the body’s history but Lawson condemned David by saying that the Democrat is “ignorant to what’s going on.”

Source: The GOP Times


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