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A Father Of Forty Children Walked Into Court, And The Judge Let Him Have It….

 A Father Of Forty Children Walked Into Court, And The Judge Let Him Have It….

Child support is a must for the provision of the needs of a child until he or she is 16 years of age. However, many parents tend to shy away from their duty.

56-year-old Mike Sr. was taken to court by his own son 22-year-old Mike Jr. but claimed that he owed nothing because he raised his son for the first five years of his life and offered him a place to stay when he was 16.

22-year-old Mike Jr.

Mike Sr. has been married several times leaving his son Mike Jr. in foster care. Mike Jr. definitely did not have a proper childhood because of his father’s negligence towards him. When the father and son see each other at Judge Robert Rinder’s court, the father looks pissed.

He even refers to his son with a ridiculous cuss word, “What are you doing here, you c***?” Mike Sr. does not shy away from confrontation. He proudly claims he is the father of 40 children with numerous women. Just like Judge Rinder, he is willing to fight tooth and nail to win at whatever cost.

This infuriates the judge and he even gives the father a warning look. Mike Jr. did not a single penny off child support while growing up. He just wanted to get his rightful share of child support. But, Mike Sr. did not seem to understand or even care about this.

Rinder, thankfully, puts the careless father in his place.

Judge Robert Rinder

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When Judge Rinder entered the courtroom, he asked Mike Jr. what his father had called him. The young man repeats the slur. That’s when Judge Rinder turns to the father and asks him if he believes this is appropriate behavior for father and son in a courtroom.

“Do I think that’s reasonable?” said Mike Sr. “Yeah, I do.”

When Rinder heard Mike’s reply, he scoffed. He could tell that he was dealing with a man who was notoriously difficult to deal with. While most people would be turned off by such a person, Judge Rinder knew it would make great television and was gearing up for a confrontation heard around the world.

“We’ll go on a little journey of discovery, you and me.”

However, Mike Sr. was the one who had to watch out. His son had brought him to court to get the child support payments he was owed. Because Mike Sr. was not present in Mike Jr.’s childhood and never paid child support, Mike Jr. crunched the numbers and figured out exactly what his father owed him.

Mike Jr. calculated a less than $10 payment per week since he was abandoned by his father. Because child support payments would have continued until he was sixteen, the young man estimated that his father owed about $5,571.

Watch the father and son arguments as they appear on Judge Robert Rinder’s court: JudgeRinder/Youtube

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