A Dog Got Into The Gorilla Exhibit, Then The Gorilla Started Running… [VIDEO]

A dog wandered into a gorilla enclosure at a US zoo. Now, videos of the canine in close proximity to the wild animal have taken social media by storm. Luckily, the dog managed to escape the arena unharmed.

On Sunday,  Visitors to the zoo on Sunday were confused to find a dog inside the gorilla enclosure. But the crowd of people soon found out the canine was not supposed to be inside the primate area.

The canine sneaked inside the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and somehow wandered into the gorilla habitat on Sunday, the Official said.

A tourist captured footage of a dog being chased across the enclosure by two silverback gorillas.

The person capturing the video tried to grab the dog’s attention in order to help it escape the enclosure while the animals stared each other down.

The stare-down lasts only a few seconds until the dog bolts in the opposite direction, chased by the gorilla.

The dog made it to the outskirts of the enclosure, where it stood just a few feet away from the silverback. Fortunately, it was uninjured after being threatened.

The gorilla was eventually moved by the zoo workers so that officials from the San Diego County Humane Society could enter and safely remove the dog.

“It’s believed that the stray dog wandered into the park on his own and managed to get inside the habitat before being spotted,” the San Diego Humane Society said on Facebook.

The staff indicated that the gorilla was most likely trying to scare the dog out of the enclosure, but they were concerned that the situation would have gotten out of hand.

Here’s what Officer Samantha Clark said:

“When I turned up at the gorilla enclosure, he did look very nervous and afraid.”

“The dog probably felt like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can tell he really wanted help because he wandered over with his tail wagging.”

Watch it here: Youtube/CBS 8 San Diego

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