A Crime Plagued McDonald’s Has Been FORCED To Take A Drastic Measure….

According to the company, a McDonald’s location that became famous for a viral video of an odd brawl involving a raccoon is finally closing its doors.

The franchise owner of the McDonald’s on Rideau Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, confirmed the closure based on “a business decision based on the viability of this specific site,” according to Fox Business Network.

The Ottawa McDonald’s, far from being the only one with problems, had become a constant focus of local police as violence, drugs, and criminality plagued the location in Canada’s capital city.

The place was so problematic that former Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau contacted the CEO of McDonald’s Canada in March of 2019, saying, “Officers attend this location on a daily basis to address issues including vagrancy, liquor license violations, illicit drug use, and incidents of violence,” according to Fox Business.

According to the network, Ottawa police were dispatched to the location 900 times in 2017, 843 times in 2018, and 14 times in only two days in 2019.

“If you’ve got a criminal mind this is a target-rich environment,” Police Inspector Ken Bryden said in 2019.

The problems haven’t gone away since then.

“The past three, four years of COVID, it’s just turned it into complete trash,” Ottawa resident Hayley Gleiser told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. in an article published Jan. 20.

“I was here about a week and a half ago,” diner Jack Graham told the CBC. “And I just felt I was slipping, so I looked … and there’s a needle.”

In 2014, a video of a brawl inside the store went viral, and one man in the background was briefly seen pulling a raccoon out of his shirt and holding the animal up as if showing it the fight. Later in the video, the same man can be seen with the raccoon safely tucked back into his sweatshirt.

According to the CBC, the restaurant has been open since 1985 and even the current mayor of the city, Mark Sutcliffe, used to frequent it as a teen.

According to Fox Business Network, franchise owner Adeel Hashmi stated that the closing will take place sometime in April.

“As the proud franchisee of multiple McDonald’s restaurants in the Ottawa area, our goal is to deliver the best possible experience to our guests every time they visit us,” Hashmi said in a statement to Fox, provided by McDonald’s Canada.

“The closure of our restaurant on 60 George Street is a business decision based on the viability of this specific site,” the restaurant owner added. “We hope our guests in the Ottawa region will visit one of our other restaurants. We are pleased that all our managers and crew will continue their employment at one of our other locations in the region.”

McDonald’s restaurants in the United States are also plagued by crime.

McDonald’s locations in Chicago, where the corporation’s headquarters are located, are particularly prone to trouble. The crime rate in Chicago is so high that the CEO of the fast-food corporation says he is having difficulty finding employees there.

“Everywhere I go, I’m confronted by the same question. ‘What’s going on in Chicago?’ There is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said in September, according to Fox Business News. “Truth is, it’s more difficult for me to recruit a new employee to McDonald’s to join us in Chicago than it was in the past.”

New York is also becoming a growing issue. Last year, a McDonald’s employee was murdered when a customer at a Brooklyn, New York, location shot the man after an order of french fries arrived cold.

Crime has become a major issue for businesses in major cities across the fruited plains. If it is not controlled quickly, businesses will continue to flee these inner-city neighborhoods, leaving residents with fewer stores than ever to meet their daily needs.



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