A comparison of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama in 19 Pictures [PHOTOS]

Vladimir Putin is mocked in the United States but if we were to compare him with Barack Hussein Obama, which one would look like a joke?  Oh, that question was too easy.  Let’s use some pictures at the bottom of this article to see the difference, shall we?

 Where Putin looks world leaders in the eye, Obama bows and grovels. Where Putin is one of the boys, Obama seems more comfortable around girls. Where Putin is a physical man of action who does judo and rides bare-chested on horses, Obama is a smiling nerdy-man on a bicyle — brrring! brrring!

Where there is Putin’s stunning wife, there is Obama’s steely-eyed better half. Where Putin has the eye of the tiger, Obama annoys with his typical swooning grin.

These pictures say a lot about the character of each man and why Putin’s international approval rating is at an all-time high and why voters couldn’t wait to see Obama pack his bags and vacate the White House.

It also helps to explain why the voters picked Donald Trump to be their next president and why they rejected Hillary Clinton.

Despite all the Russia bashing in the U.S. media, Putin is a deep-thinking traditionalist who has focused much of his energy and effort on rebuilding the Orthodox church in Russia and restoring moral values that many Americans would define as conservative. Obama during his tenure did more to help the cause of Islam over Christianity than any president before him.

H/T US Herald

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