80 Year Old Woman Viciously Attacked While Gardening

Police officers in Sunapee, New Hampshire reported that an 80-year-old woman was viciously attacked while she was working in her garden. Fortunately the woman’s two two faithful dogs were nearby at the time and came to the woman’s assistance. Between the sickle swinging victim and her two dogs they were able to deter the attack.


The victim, Elsie Dabrowski told reporters that while she was working in her garden on Sunday, without warning, she was suddenly attacked by a large Bobcat. She said the animal attacked her suddenly without warning, biting her face, arm and back. According to Ms. Dabrowski, her only thoughts at the moment were “why is this stupid cat attacking me?”

Ms. Dabrowski used her gardening sickle in an effort to fight off the bobcat, but it the weapon did little to deter the animal. It was ultimately her two dogs which turned out to be the heroes of the day as they chased off the attacking Bobcat.

Meanwhile, Dabrowski’s adult son who was inside the house heard all the racket and also came to her defense carrying a shotgun. Fortunately, he was able to get a clear shot at the animal as it fled the attacking dogs and killed the Bobcat. Officials bagged the dead animal and sent it to be tested for rabies.

Unfortunately, following the attack, Ms. Dabrowski needed over 50 stitches to close her wounds, but she says she feels thankful it wasn’t worse. The elderly New Hampshire woman later received the bad news that the Bobcat was found to be infected with Rabies so she will have to undergo preventative treatment for the disease. A local vet said that although her Dogs have been vaccinated against the disease, under state law both dogs will have to be quarantined just to be safe.

 Despite the ordeal, Ms. Dabrowski considers herself lucky. “It’s still hard to believe,” she told WMUR: “This little thing just came and attacked me, but he was strong. He was really strong. It could have got my eye. Could have got my jugular, the way he was biting. Could have got anything, you know? God is good.”

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