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80-Year-Old Woman Discovered Slumped Over Desk, Then The Disturbing Truth Comes Out

 80-Year-Old Woman Discovered Slumped Over Desk, Then The Disturbing Truth Comes Out

While her family pays the bills for the care home, the real “customer service” a frail, 80-year-old woman receives has just been shared with the world. In the video, you’ll watch the elderly woman face down on a bed “left to choke on her own saliva” as the care home ignores her needs and leaves her in the vulnerable position that the woman’s adult child found her in.

The 80-year-old, Esther Brown, was discovered by her son James. When he saw her choking on her own spit, James shouted, “That’s my momma!”

The elderly woman, who receives visits from James on a regular basis (thankfully!), was moved to another room when James came back with Pastor Julia Wiggins for a second visit in the day.

That’s when James found his beloved mother slumped over a desk in a wheelchair as she was left alone to swallow and choke on her own saliva.

Pastor Wiggins was shocked. She was there to witness the neglect as well.

“Once getting on the other side we could not find anymore, and I noticed something in the corner of the nurse’s station. After being inquisitive, we approached the subject only to find out that it was Mother Esther Brown face down into a soft pillow gasping for breath and strangling on her own saliva.”

The care home did not do its job when it came to this 80-year-old woman. Instead, they left her alone to choke on her own saliva.

Pastor Wiggins was shocked at the sight. Because she was with the victim’s son, she was able to recall his complete reaction, which was shock and anguish at seeing the way his beloved mother was mistreated.


“Her son began to cry out, ‘that’s my momma!’ and we hurried to her and upon hearing her son’s voice, she tried with all her might to raise her hand.”

Mother Esther Brown then told her son that he saved her life. She had been banging on the door for 10 minutes begging for someone to come help and assist her. If he and Pastor Wiggins had not shown up when they did, Mother Esther Brown could have died in that care home.

Pastor Wiggins added, “I am very upset that of all nursing facilities, this one is supposed to be the best in all of Stark County. People you need to make random visits during the second and third shifts because that is how lazy good for nothing attendants’ treat your loved ones.”

Altercare Nobles Pond care home is located in Canton, Ohio. They denied that Mother Esther Brown was ever in any danger. However, the video evidence appears to be rather contradictory to that claim. They even insisted that despite the fact that she was choking on her own spit, she was “comfortable and safe” in the video. However, the victim claims that she was begging for help for minutes and was rescued by her son.

“We were informed of a family complaint on February 15, 2019,” the facility told Cleveland 19.

Sources: Metro

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