54yo Teacher Had A Sexual Relationship With 17yo Student, Blames It On Him With The Weakest Excuse [VIDEO]

Therese Gunn reportedly admitted that she apparently had a sexual relationship with one of her students.

The 54-year-old, who is a now-former orchestra teacher, said she couldn’t believe she’d done it, and that she’d made a poor decision, and that she was sorry.

But she then changed course, and blamed her victim — saying the then-17-year-old boy had coerced her into the relationship that developed at South Gwinnett High School.

“He did,” Gunn said in front of Judge Warren Davis. “He was like a used car salesman.”

Davis didn’t care for that argument, so as prosecutor Karen West. After Gunn allegedly entered her guilty plea to a single count of sexual assault by a person with supervisory authority, the judge sentenced her to serve just 90 days in prison.

The remainder of her 10-year sentence will be spent on probation.

“I don’t find that you’re the kind of person that needs to be warehoused for years,” Davis said. “We get those cases and we get them out of society as long as we can. You’re not one of those. But you clearly betrayed the trust that you had of parents, this parent, putting this child in your care.”

Gunn, who had worked as a teacher for 25 years and had been at South Gwinnett since 2002, was arrested in May 2016.  At the time, police reported that she had held a relationship with the student, whom she taught for three years, for several months.

The relationship came to light after the student’s mother found his journal and reported the relationship to police.

Under Georgia law, sexual contact between anyone with supervisory or disciplinary authority — such as a law enforcement officer, teacher or psychiatrist — and a person under their care is illegal, even if it’s consensual.

In their initial press release regarding Gunn’s case, Gwinnett County police said they had “discovered that the teacher hosted a party at her home in Grayson.”

“During the party, the teacher allowed the 17-year-old and two other female students to smoke marijuana under her direct supervision,” police wrote. “According to the detective, the teacher smoked marijuana as well.”

Gunn was initially charged with multiple counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, but was not indicted on those charges.

The victim said that Gunn admitted to having sexual encounters; briefly spoke in court Friday afternoon. He said Gunn “made [his] adolescence hell.”


Source: Daily Mail


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