$300 Billion in Government Waste Uncovered [VIDEO]

Steve Russell (R-OK) puts out an irregular news letter called Waste Watch, which has now uncovered $300 billion in spending waste.  Now, $300 billion may not sound like much but $300 billion here and $300 billion there and before you know it, you’re talking about some real money.

If you throw fraud into the mix, we are talking well over half a trillion dollars.  Now add the amount that President Trump wants to remove from federal spending and it could edge closer to a trillion.

 Tim Young sat down with Congressman Steve Russell (R-OK) to speak about his military service and his semi-regular publication Waste Watch.

Congressman Russell tells Young that Waste Watch has uncovered over $300 billion in government waste since it’s first publication.

They go on to play a game called “Waste or Fake” where Young asks Russell if certain ridiculous sounding government-funded research projects are real or not.

H/T The Daily Caller

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