The 30 Hottest Photographs of Women Eating Ice Cream

What man (or some women) doesn’t get hot when a woman seductively eats ice cream?  You can count the number on one twin pop Popsicle.  Here you will find 30 of the hottest GIFs of women eating ice cream that will make you wish you were Haagen Dazs.  The ice cream melts fast so keep some paper towels handy.

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?  These girls surely do love ice cream and I surely love women who surely love ice cream.  It gets really messy when it melts.

Maybe I should have warned you that these GIFs aren’t safe for work or at home if your wife is around.  Neither your boss or your wife would understand.  Well, maybe your boss would but he would give you crap anyway before going back into his office to search for this site.

Just a little comic relief for you.  Consider it a time out.

Those are for the liberal men out there.

Oops.  That’s not ice cream.  I hope you enjoyed the collection.

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