• June 19, 2024

3 Months After Mother Loses Unborn Baby, Her Belly Swells To Reveal The Hidden Twin [PHOTOS]

 3 Months After Mother Loses Unborn Baby, Her Belly Swells To Reveal The Hidden Twin [PHOTOS]

Losing a child would be difficult for any parent, whether this child lived for a few years, or if he or she passed away in the womb.

Sadie Brittle and her husband, Gary, were understandably devastated when they lost their baby to an ectopic pregnancy. The baby had developed for eight weeks in one of the mom’s fallopian tubes before the tube ruptured. The pregnancy could not be saved.

Brittle took some time off work, and took a small vacation three months after the scarring event. Yet, she noticed that her stomach was still quite swollen — a side-effect she had not expected from the surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy. She went back to her doctor, who revealed the most startling news: Brittle was still with child, which a pregnancy test confirmed.

Sadie Brittle and her family were deeply upset when her pregnancy abruptly ended after just eight weeks. The baby had begun developing in one of her fallopian tubes, causing complications that led to the tube rupturing. Surgery repaired the tube and removed the pregnancy.

But three months after that, a doctor confirmed what seemed to be the impossible: Brittle’s swollen belly was due to pregnancy. As it turned out, she hadn’t been pregnant with just one child. Her miscarried baby had a twin that survived in the womb.

Via c-section, Brittle gave birth to Teddie, the newest addition to her family!

The pregnancy was concealed by all the bleeding from the ruptured tube, and scans did not detect him.

Though they may still be very upset by the fact that Teddie will grow up without his twin, they are thankful for the healthy arrival of their little one.

But Sadie, Gary, and their daughter, Summer, have found solace in the new baby’s arrival, and can move forward with their lives together!

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