20 of the Best Celebrity Butts in Hollywood [SLIDESHOW]

Times have hanged.  It used to be that big butts were not considered a good thing.  As Calvin Klein once asked, “Does Michelle Obama’s ass make my jeans look fat?”  Butt now, a big booty is considered by many to be ultra sexy.  It might have something to do with the fact that women find it much easier to get butt injections than to diet and work those extra pounds off.  What do you think?

 In ancient times, fertility statues had large full breasts and wide hips to indicate their ability to bear fruit, i.e. children. It makes sense that these physical qualities became seen as desirable – they always have been. The difference is that back then, it was attractive because it meant that a woman would have the capacity to carry many children.

Over the years, an hourglass figure became desirable from a purely sexual perspective. It comes from the same roots, but now it is a subliminal reference to fertility, not a direct one. Guys aren’t overtly looking to have kids with a girl because she has good boobs, but they sure are into them.

Ok, so I get the boobs/hips thing and where it originated. I’m assuming the attraction to butts comes from them being lumped in (ha) with the rest of the pelvic area as a symbol of sexuality.

Obviously everything else around there is somehow related. The ass, though? No other functional purpose other than pooping. Everything else has powers that pertain to reproduction. Not that booty. It’s for sitting on, helping move your bod around, and getting rid of waste.

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