15 Hilarious Store Names That Will Make You Laugh [SLIDESHOW]

Businesses have always come up with names for their businesses that allow people to easily remember them, like the Dew Drop Inn or Wok and Roll or even Master Bait and Tackle.  Laugh if you must but trust me it works.  Name recognition is something every business needs to draw people into their stores.

 A play on words or puns can often work great in an elaborate joke, but when you incorporate a cheesy pun into the name of a business, you’re certainly going to grab a lot of attention.

Some stores or restaurants like to have a bit of laugh and don’t take themselves very seriously. One thing’s for sure: these fifteen businesses definitely deserve to be at the top op the list when it comes to cleverness and creativity.

Some names are silly, some are suggestive and many are descriptive.  The 15 you will see in the slideshow are just a small example of the creative names owners have come up with in attracting attention.  It’s not just small businesses either.  When Standard Oil became Exxon, they paid a company a quarter of a million dollars to come up with a name people would identify with.

The double exes was no coincidence.  They had found that double consonants made people recognize the name quicker.  But not everyone has a quarter of a million dollars just for a name.

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4. If you do manage to lose your key, I’m sure these folks would be eager to help you find it.


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