• July 15, 2024

15 Disgusting Things EVERY Woman Does In Secret [PHOTOS]

 15 Disgusting Things EVERY Woman Does In Secret [PHOTOS]

Women are mostly meticulous; however, there are certain things women do that men cannot understand. They find things like curling eyelashes with a gadget or pulling out ingrown hair as a form of self-torture. All this makes perfect sense to our sisterhood.

Take a look at unusual and sometimes gross things the female species does. We are pretty sure some men also take part in some of these behaviors, they will just never admit it in public. I must confess, #6 is pure therapy.

#1. Never washing that blush brush you’ve been using for years.

Yuck! That thing is really gross. Imagine the color of the brush changed.


#2. Picking pimples in the car and not caring who sees you.




#3. Lathering up and shaving all the hair off your body.

You better hope no one sees you like that.


#4. Not pooping around your new boyfriend for about a year.

He doesn’t need to know you poop and also because you never know what could happen.


#5. Picking your nose in public places thinking no one sees you.

Everyone sees you!


#6. Peeling off dead skin from your lips.

You know you do this.



#7. Creating a makeshift maxi pad because you weren’t prepared.

That’s why there’s never any toilet paper.



#8. Peeing in the shower.

There’s two types of people in the world: Those who pee in showers and liars.



#9. Wearing a shirt that’s way to small for you.

And stretching it all day long.



#10. Sniffing your clothes to see if they can be worn again.

Does it stink?



#11. Wearing the same gross bra every single day even though you have tons of others.

Wash that thing.



#12. Really enjoying digging out an ingrown hair.

Because successfully extracting an ingrown hair is a good feeling.


#13. Putting our purse on the bathroom floor.

So many disgusting germs everywhere.



#14. Trying to curl lashes and pulling them all out.

Should’ve cleaned the curler first.



#15. Putting money and cell phones in your bra.

Money is so full of germs and bacteria.



Source: Lifebuzz.com

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