• July 19, 2024

15 Bathroom Signs That Will Make You Pee Yourself Laughing [PHOTOS]

 15 Bathroom Signs That Will Make You Pee Yourself Laughing [PHOTOS]

  • Toilets or washrooms are the most essential inventions, however they are often at our receiving end in terms of our respect or care. While in India, building a toilet in every household is still part of a developmental plan, you can only understand it’s seriousness and importance — because like this sign above a ‘bathroom matters’. So, around the world many people who take their toilet business very seriously have given it a witty and funny twist. Of course, though mere signs of “men” and “women” would have sufficed, the masterminds behind these clever signs decided that toilets deserve a lot more. 
    Check out these funny and witty bathroom signs around the world that will leave you in splits! (Source: 30secondsofsigns/ Instagram)

  • We often forget the basics, so a gentle reminder! (source:smichelleart/ Instagram)

  • Absolutely!
    (Source: melirockhold/ Instagram)

  • In case you are confused about the toilet seat. (Source: excuseme_wheresyourrestroom/ Instagram)

  • Boys and men, a gentle reminder. (Source: kcakesaz/ Instagram)

  • Because etiquette is quintessential! (Source: kaebae3/ Instagram)

  • Because classical art makes everything better. (Source: bathroominsider/ Instagram)
  • When a cafe knows who to slay in style. (Source: nickkellet/ Instagram)

  • After all it’s android everywhere (Source: olagon/ igmur)

  • Well, this needs no explanation. (Source: igmur)
  • Creativity at its best.
    (Source: Julie Linley? / Twitter)

  • Comedy of errors! The men’s is actually on the left and the women’s is on the right. (Source: igmur)

  • Because it matters how it rains! (Source: CulinaryVillain/ igmur)
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    Not a multi-utility space,
    isn’t it? (Source: my_pleasant_torture/ Instagram)

  • That’s a witty one! (Source: Handicapreader/ igmur)

In a day when public restrooms have become a political hot topic thanks to progressives we hope you enjoyed this lighthearted look at bathroom signs.

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