[VIDEO] Mock Election Results in 11-Year-Old Boy Badly Beaten Up For Voting Trump

An elementary school student in Stafford, Va., was badly beaten by his classmates in the wake of Donald Trump winning the Presidency.

The beaten student told FOX 26, the morning after Trump’s win “These boys decided to ask the classroom, ‘Who voted for Donald Trump?’ And then I said, ‘I did.’ And then they come over here and jerked me out of my seat, and before I could get up they started kicking me and punching me.”

A teacher was in the room and broke it up, but the student said the beating “felt like it was forever.”

The boy had to be hospitalized and taken to the emergency room. The students who beat him were reportedly suspended.

In the aftermath of Trump’s upset victory, stories have emerged nationwide of a violent backlash against those who supported him or were perceived to have supported him. A high school student in California was recently brutally beaten for supporting Trump.


E. Goldstein

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