100 People Take Cinnamon Challenge..Coughing, Choking and Vomiting [Video]

What can you say about people taking the cinnamon challenge that hasn’t been said about people who like to get a running start before headbutting a brick wall?  When you watch the video in this post, you will quickly realize that these people are not the sharpest crayons in the box.  Most people have tried a little cinnamon on the the tip of a finger and realize how dry and spicy it is.  But taking an entire spoonful would require that you have the brain of a liberal. You just can’t be right in the head.

The infamous cinnamon challenge is back at it again in a new video that shows 100 different people attempting to conquer one of the internet’s oldest tests of strength.

The challenge, which first rose to prominence in the early 2000’s, involves participants eating a spoonful of cinnamon without the assistance of water. Some up the ante by attempting to complete the challenge in under a minute.

In the video from Cut.com, hardly any of the 100 individuals tested succeed at the challenge in even the slightest sense of the word. Instead, participants can be see coughing, gagging, and spitting up cinnamon-colored spit into a tub.

Despite its internet popularity (there are 1,330,000 results for the challenge on YouTube), most of the individuals in the new video had never before heard of the challenge.

Accordingly, many featured seem confident and ready to tackle the dare. ‘I was just reading about the health benefits of cinnamon the other night!’ one participant eagerly declares.

Others were slightly nervous when presented with a spoon brimming with the ground-up spice. ‘I’ve never done this before! I’m so nervous!’ says one woman.

Yet, almost universally, everyone was thinking the exact same thing once the cinnamon was actually in their mouths. ‘Holy f***!’ exclaims one man – who likely said what everyone else was thinking.

According to the study, numerous children and teenagers have been hospitalized due to respiratory complications from the challenge. Some even required ventilator support after suffering a collapsed lung.

The study even warns that ‘a lung infection like pneumonia can develop later because cinnamon does not dissolve or break down.

H/T The Mail Online



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