WOW: Now Libs Want to Red Flag Ben Shapiro For Supporting Individual Rights

A little context: On Thursday, Beto O’Rourke attended CNN’s Equality Town Hall, where he supported removing the tax-exempt status of churches, schools, and charities that don’t fully support the LGBTQ movement.

Ben Shapiro responded on the Friday edition of his podcast:

Ben is right: it’s not the government’s job to educate indoctrinate our children.  The role of government – specifically, the role of the U.S. government as outlined by the Founding Fathers – is to protect the rights of individuals.  That includes freedom of religion: we each have the right to freely practice the religion of our choice and to educate our children in our own values.  That’s the First Amendment.  And if the government decides to stomp all over that freedom, we have the right – I’d argue we have a responsibility – to take up arms and fight for our rights.  That’s the Second Amendment.

Personally, I don’t find anything extreme or even concerning about Ben’s statement.

The left, of course, disagrees.  Most of the responses on Twitter are negative, ad hominem attacks on Shapiro (because they don’t have a better argument than “conservative man mean”).  Some, including Representative Eric Swalwell, claim Ben is inciting violence and should lose his gun rights:


Protecting individual rights is not extreme and is exactly why our founding fathers wrote in the constitution for us to keep and bare arms.

To red flag anyone who stands for that is absurd and this is the exact reason why we need to stand against the left or our rights will be gone forever.




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