Woman Visits Doctor To Discuss Swollen Foot, Gets Biggest Surprise Of Her Life [PHOTOS]

A woman had a growth on her foot for ten years without ever bothering to see a doctor about it, until it started growing much bigger.  She wasn’t too concerned, after all, she’d had it for a long time.  Much too long as it turns out.  After running tests, it was determined that it was a rare form of cancer and her foot would have to be amputated.  She later said that the only thing that made it possible for her not to give up was her boyfriend, who asked her to marry him before the operation.

 Doctors conducted several tests and concluded Murray had a sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. “I never thought it would be anything serious. I was hysterical. I was so stunned I couldn’t speak,” she said. She was then told that the growth was so far advanced she would have to get her leg amputated.

“I felt like I had been punched in the face twice on one day,” Murray continued. “I was sobbing for what felt like forever, but David reassured me that we would get through it,” she added.

David supported the 27-year-old throughout, and proposed marriage shortly before her operation. “I tell him daily that I can’t imagine what I would have done without him. Knowing I wanted to build a life with him kept me going,” Murray said.

Murray left the hospital in a wheelchair after her operation. But she immediately began physiotherapy and was fitted with a prosthetic limb. “I’ve thought a lot about whether if I’d have gone back to the doctors sooner it could have saved my leg,” Murray told Daily Mail. However, she added that she has a positive outlook.

“I never let myself wish I’d have gone to the doctors sooner as I have come to terms with what has happened, I’m now proud to be an amputee,” said Murray. “I can’t change the past I can only move on with my future.”

H/T: Healio