Woman Slips Her Fingernail Into Her Drink At The Bar — When It Changed Color She Calls The Cops

Each night, as they leave their homes for a night out on the town, girls face a very real threat. Date rapes have become frighteningly common, as people with evil intent slip drugs into unsuspecting women’s drinks. How can anyone feel safe knowing that every drink at the bar is a gamble?

But that’s about the change, all thanks to a common beauty item with a cool, scientific twist. Four young men have designed and come up with a kind of nail polish that can actually alert girls if their drinks have been spiked.


They did so due to being sick and tired of rape culture and the unsafe situations a woman can be placed in due to creeps.

So how on earth can nail polish do this? It’s surprisingly simple! The nail polish is made from ingredients that allow it to change color when they come into contact with roofies or other date rape drugs.


One finger gently dipped into a drink will trigger a reaction and color switch if the drink contains a drug. Remarkable!

The nail polish is not being put into commercial mass production as of yet, and of course, it is never the victim’s responsibility to prevent rape.

However, this product has the potential to be a fantastic help to saving the lives of women around the world. As men experience rape too, there is the possibility of a clear version of this nail polish becoming available in the future!

This incredibly invention by four young and bright men might just help change the world. What do you think?

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